What is printer profiling

June 08, 2019

What is printer profiling

What is printer profiling is a question that we have been asked a number of times.

Here at Photoprints we profile the papers that we use when printing on the Epson SureColor P6070 wide format machine.

Basically put, each paper media accepts ink and will show colour in a slightly different way.  By profiling each paper we use with our printer and inkset, we achieve a very high quality and colour accurate print  on the different media surfaces.

We have the colour technician come out and profile each new paper as we add more stock to our range.

He runs a set of test colour patches through the printer and adjusts the inkflow to each colour to ensure the correct amount is layed down to the paper. 

He then prints further sets of colour patches that are run through a very high quality spectrophotometer machine.   These results are then analysed in the RIP software that we print from.  Quite often this process will be repeated a few times to make sure the gradations of colour are correct through the range of each colour.
This then gives us an output profile that is printing the correct amount and colour of ink.  Each profile that we have is unique to each paper that we print to.  This provides us with the highest colour and quality print the we can achieve for each of the different papers.  Check out the video on our facebook page of the spectrophotometer reading a set of the colour swatches from the new Hahnemuhle fine art metallic paper we recently added and had profiled here https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1242423499249290

For the best results, it is also important to colour profile your monitor to make sure you are actually editing your images with as close a correct colour as you can.  Profiling systems like the Spyder 5 are a very good and easy way to profile your screen.  We profile our screens every month using the Spyder 5.  An unprofiled monitor can lead to print colours looking different to what you see on screen.  A correctly profile monitor and printer set up should give a very close result.

Drop in or order online and see the high quality prints that we are producing, making your images into artworks.


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